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Robcatraz was founded by Robert Rosado, a.k.a Warden Rosado, SFG2, CPT. 

Robert's training style has developed organically. His experience is built upon 28 years in the field of fitness.  Many fads have come and gone, but doing basic movements that improve quality of life will never go out of style.  Using strength and mobility Robert brings better movement to his clients' lives. 

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Move better to live better


Client Testimonials

Robert has given me a whole new perspective on fitness and my body. I started training with him three years ago to get in shape and lose weight. In the process, I have exceeded those goals and achieved so much more. Working with Robert has transformed my body and shown me there is no limit to what I can achieve with hard work and dedication. I continue to do things I never thought were possible and I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life! I highly recommend Robert to anyone who is ready for a challenge and not afraid of hard work.

Caroline A.

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